Rental Listings

Please find a list of helpful information below for rentals in Los Alamos and White Rock

Rental Apartments

Vista Del Sol                     505-473-5117

Los Alamos Lodge 505-662-3200

      ($249.99 per. Week    $49.99 per. Day)

Ashley Hotel & Suites 505-662-7211

Los Alamos Apartments (Efficiency) 505-662-0620

9th Street 505-231-6631

Casa De Luz     (By Blue Window) 505-662-7015

Shannon Corporation         505-662-6000

Tres Casitas Apartments (Across from Blue Window) 505-661-0211

Taylor Properties (across from Blue Window) 505-690-0910

Central Ave Suites  (across from Hill Top House) 505-662-0620

Aspen Apartments (Gold St. by Hospital) 505-662-0542

John & Geniese Courtright (Many different units) 505-662-5430

Canyon Village      (Near the Pool) 505-663-0680

TRK Management     Rich Kraemer  500-0500                            505-662-0620

Mountain Vista Apts. Ltd                                                             505-662-5417

Mesa Del Norte                                                                             505-661-8474

Central Park Condos        Los Alamos Inc., Realtors                   505-661-1200

Plateau Property Management      furnished avail.                       505-661-0211

Rancho Jacona (enchanting place) furnished (Jacona 10 min.)    505-455-7948


Butterfly Springs Apts.  (Pojoaque 15 min.)                                 505-455-9184